Old Trends, New Again

Catherine Bracket Arcade


When I was in high school, I remember my mom assessing my outfits day after day always exclaiming something along the lines of, “I remember when my girlfriends and I used to wear that!” She was practically beaming with joy as she pointed at an article of clothing I was wearing, most likely from Forever21.


As annoyed as I was with my mom pinning this fact on me every day, as if it were some sort of accessory I needed before I walked out the door, she had a point. I realized over the years, that in one way or another, trends are most times mirrored after earlier trends that our parents once adorned.


As Millennials, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing trends, dating way back to the ‘70s, come back in style since the ‘90s. We’ve recycled the grunge era that Marc Jacobs propelled in the early ‘90s, a once hated but now celebrated look. During the same time, babydoll dresses and Doc Martens were the mainstream.


As the ‘90s grunge started to fade, the ‘70s came back into the limelight: sky-high platforms and bell-bottom jeans. Here we are, 20 years later and platforms are all the rage again with Alexander McQueen to Steve Madden giving us a steady stream of supply. Bell-bottoms, or flares as they were referred as in the ‘90s, have taken on a modern twist present day: somewhere between a gaucho silhouette and a cropped jean in all shapes and styles.


Today, we see some of the staple items of the ‘90s coming back into play. Chokers are the obvious spot. We’ve seen them evolve into more modern pieces, however. You can find delicate or extremely elaborate pieces to wear for any occasion. I love looking back at photos of my younger self, flaunting many different colored cheap, plastic chokers, obnoxiously layering way too many on top of each other.


Crop tops have come in and out of style many times, but nonetheless are a true staple of the ‘90s. The cropped tank was more popular back in the day, think Britney Spears and Rachel Green sporting the look. However, there have been many renditions of the classic piece throughout the years, anything from casual to elegant. It’s no wonder it’s stuck around for so long, and what better way to keep cool than exposing a little midriff?


Fringe is another trend that has evolved from the beloved decade. You used to see it adorning bags and skirts. Although it came back as a purse trend for a while, you won’t notice it on too many bags present day. However, you’ll find it swaying from the bottoms of everyone’s pant legs and skirt hems alike. A slightly newer approach with a definitely modern taste.


Old trends become new again, and with that, your mom becomes a little cooler. Next time you find her glowing with delight to see her offspring “taking after her,” don’t be so quick to shut it down. She kinda knows what she’s talking about.



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