FAB NEWS: Collective Culture Stylist Italia Vogue Certified

Author: Maura Gillan 

“Duo” was an elegantly styled photo Neo Saito produced with photographer Letura Idigima and model Nyajock Koang. The production began as a passion project and through a sweet twist of fate became the portfolio booster of a lifetime.

Neo Saito is a senior fashion communications major in the University of Nebraska- Lincoln’s department of Textile Merchandising and Fashion Design. He works as the lead stylist of Collective Culture, the department’s fashion and life style webzine. But recently Saito was featured in an even grander publication, Vogue Italia.

“This definitely gave me more confidence in my work and pushes me to do better and create even more amazing stuff,” Saito said.

This was Saito’s first attempt at submitting to Vogue. The project was judged by the Vogue Italia editors based on whether or not the aesthetic aligns with that of the publication. 

“Hopefully with the approval of Vogue Italia, people will recognize me and take my craft seriously,” Saito said.

Check out the post on Vogue Italia here
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