Don’t Choke Me – A Reaction to the Yahoo article “Has the Choker Trend Gone Too Far?”

Author: Kate Elizabeth

Image From: Yahoo Fashion 

The choker is a classic accessory. From the first time I stretched those plastic coils over my head and let it shrink back to fit my neck, I was hooked, and so was everyone else. Were they supposed to emulate lace or maybe look like tattoos? We didn’t know, but our ‘90s ensembles weren’t complete without them… Until we lost them along with our left socks and butterfly clips. They faded out of our memory for a while.

For me, it would only be a few years. I was really into the Sean Connery James Bond movies, and one of the Bond Girls wore a simple black ribbon tied around her neck as a choker. It was incredibly chic. I immediately found a black cord and tied it around my neck. I wore it every day for at least a year. In a choker deprived world I was holding strong. Imagine my delight when chokers recently started to come back into fashion.

This time though, things have gotten a little bit out of control. From the chokers so wide they were parodied as neck braces, to the new over-the-hair look during a fashion show in Australia, fashion writers like Maggie Parker for Yahoo argue exactly that; the choker trend has officially gone overboard.

If we’re talking wearable trends, then of course it is absurd to wear a choker that covers your entire neck. Wearing a choker over your hair? I can’t imagine being able to stand it for five minutes without compulsively un-tucking my hair. From an editorial perspective, however, I can understand the appeal.

Fashion shows and photo spreads like to push boundaries of what we consider normal, and utilize concepts that don’t translate into wearable fashion. That being said, I still don’t think the choker over-the-hair look is a good move. Just looking through the images of the runway show makes me want to pull the models’ hair out from under their chokers. Those models don’t look comfortable. I know I personally hate it when my hair is longer and gets caught under my collar or my necklace. It’s physically uncomfortable to leave it alone. I’m cringing just thinking about it.

So, while I respect their creative decision, I’m going to agree that some choker trends just don’t work. Can we go back to the classic choker now, and can we wear it the normal way? I, for one, am more than ready (and have my old choker from middle school on deck).

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