My Experiences Color Matching with Dark Skin: Fenty Beauty Review

Author: Kim Chungong

Growing up with a dark complexion comes with an assortment of problems, including a lack of representation in the beauty industry. When I started getting into makeup and began eyeing the beauty aisles in stores, I noticed the darkest shade of foundation didn’t come anywhere close to my actual skintone. The few times I did use foundation, I would borrow some from my mom because we have the same skin tone. With these products, I noticed my skin appeared much smoother. Sadly, my mom’s products were too pricey for my bank account, and I didn’t have time to find a product to match my heavily melanated skin, so I gave up on using foundation for a few years.

Highlighter in ‘Trophywife’

This was until the Twitter grapevine shared some exciting news about Rihanna. People across the platform said the performer was planning to release a beauty line for women of color. I didn’t believe the rumors I saw her video ad and realized her line would be a game changer. The video couldn’t have been more than a minute and a half long, but I saw a women of nearly every shade under the sun, including someone who shared my complexion. I was sold. In that moment, I decided to give Rihanna not only my coin but my edges as well. To know there was finally going to be a foundation shade for me was great. It was like God and Rihanna had been listening to my prayers.


When I went to Sephora to get matched, they used this little machine straight out of The Jetsons on my skin and had my shade within a matter of seconds. The beautician said I was 450 but I had to order 460 because 450 wasn’t available in store or online, unfortunately. But the Sephora worker swatched both sample shades on me and reassured me there wasn’t much difference between the two and both would work for my skin. On Sephora’s website, it explains the difference between similar shades are the undertones used in the foundations. Some shades have warm undertones, others have cool ones, and some have a combination of both. When my online order finally came in the mail I swear it felt like Christmas.

Foundation in 460

The Products: Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter

I started out with the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer, the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in the color called Trophywife. I liked the primer because it went on relatively smoothly, but not as smoothly as another one of my primers. When I was laying the foundation on, I noticed how orange the color was. At first I started to freak out. I thought, “Did I waste my money? Are Rihanna and God let me down?” Thankfully, the foundation oxidizes after it dries, meaning it darkens in a few minutes. At first, I found 460 to be a bit too red for my liking, but after continuous use, I’ve grown to like it. It makes my skin appear better. With the foundation, my skin seems even and smooth and the matte makes me look less shiny. Another perk is the foundation hardly came off when I started to sweat, which is great because I can be sweaty and don’t want my makeup coming off when I wipe my face.

Now my thoughts on the highlight Trophywife. I don’t know what Rihanna’s intentions were when she had this highlight made because I have no words. The highlight is stunning. When I opened it, I thought I was gazing at a gold bar. It’s a highly pigmented and concentrated highlight, which means a very light dusting of it transforms the wearer into a golden goddess from Olympus. The first time apply Trophywife, I accidentally put too much and I was conflicted. On one hand, I loved it because one could assume I had just bathed in gold; but, on the other, I was upset because I’m a fairly simple person and I don’t live a lavish lifestyle like Rihanna where I can look like a golden statue everyday. (Sidenote: I also tried using the highlight as a eyeshadow and it was equally as gorgeous.)

Highlighter in ‘Trophywife’

Final Verdict:

Overall I was very pleased with what I bought and I think I am going to become a loyal Fenty costumer. The products are reasonably priced for a celebrity brand. The primer is $32 and the foundation and highlight are both $34, but Rihanna gives you a lot of product for your buck. I probably won’t have to restock for at least a couple of months which is great. Fenty recently had its second launch on October 13th with more colors, an eyeshadow palette, lip glosses, and eyeliner. I currently don’t have any funds to invest in these new products, but it’s only off matter of time before I fully convert to the Fenty lifestyle.

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