Halloween Movie Picks

Author: Chandler

It’s fall! The weather is cooling off, pumpkin spice is emerging from its pre-autumnal cocoon, and Halloween is just around the corner! I know nothing really compares to pumpkin patches, corn mazes, or thrill of a super spooky haunted house; but curling up to watch a good movie comes pretty close. Some of our staff have provided recommendations of their favorite movies that make us excited for autumn!

Kim: Child’s Play

Our brave new Editor-in-chief definitely has no fears, but she may be more than a little bit wary of “harmless” playthings after sitting through this 80’s horror classic.


Jill: Halloweentown II: Kalibar’s Revenge

Millennials, this one’s for you! Who else couldn’t wait for October growing up, because it meant Disney Channel was sure to air this favorite? Kids today will never understand.


Neo: The Shining

Here’s Johnny! It’s possible thrillers didn’t exist before Stanley Kubrick brought one of the best Stephen King adaptations to our screens. Even if you have to watch from between your fingers, The Shining is a definite must view during the halloween season; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right?



Hannah P: Coraline

Alternate universes, talking black cats, other mothers, and buttons for eyes! Need I say more about this adorably creepy Academy Award nominee?


Matt: Prometheus

While not the most traditional fall film, Prometheus is eerie, suspenseful, and there’s aliens. What more could you want? Besides, who doesn’t love a good outer space mystery flick?



Chandler: Over The Garden Wall

While not very well known, this animated mini-series has a lot of heart. The weird, whimsical story follows two brothers as they try to find their way back home through a forest filled with zany characters and sinister threats.


Hannah: Hocus Pocus

Can we even talk about Halloween movies without mentioning Hocus Pocus? I think the Sanderson sisters would object. This humorous and haunting film is definitely a classic, but perhaps leave the lights on while you watch so you aren’t tempted to light any strange candles…


Thao: Dexter

This show ran for seven years and boasts an impressive eight season run. If you’re looking for a darker story this TV series about a crime analyst who moonlights as a serial killer might just be for you.



Cicely: American Horror Story

Can we even navigate the pop culture sphere today without acknowledging the powerhouse that is AHS? This spooky anthology series is now on it’s eighth season, and with each new iteration American Horror Story changes it’s premise and keeps you on your toes.


Cassie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

The great debate rages on: is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas one? Why don’t we just call it a draw and agree to keep it on repeat until the New Year? It may take that long to get the songs out of your head anyway.


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