Hot Coco

Author: Maura Gillan

Winter is here and that means cold weather and warm drinks. Lincoln is packed with cafes and restaurants ready to serve winter’s most famous beverage, hot chocolate. For this reason we traveled across the Lincoln Haymarket to taste test local establishments best hot cocoa concoctions.
Note: All ratings are on a scale of 1 to 10 to help you determine the best cocoa for yourself.

First we stopped at Indigo Bridge Books, located in The Creamery building.
The Ratings:
Heat intensity: 6
Chocolaty-ness: 5
Sweetness: 5

The Verdict:
The Indigo coco was very milky and mildly sweet. A good option for those who like a warm drink with not too much sugar. A fun fact about Indigo: they use a vegan cocoa mix!

Next we hit up The Mill, located up the street on the corner of 8th and P.
The Ratings:
Heat intensity: 8 (You want to wait a bit before drinking)
Chocolaty-ness: 8
Sweetness: 8

The Verdict:
The coco from The Mill had high foam content and an intense chocolate flavor. It was very thick and creamy and tasted kind of like a liquid chocolate bar. For those who love sweet things this would be the place to go.

Finally we stopped in at Crescent Moon Café, located under the Apothecary building.
The Ratings:
Heat intensity: 5 (Ready to drink as soon as you get it!)
Chocolatey-ness: 7
Sweetness: 5

The Verdict:
Crescent falls right in between Indigo and The Mill in terms of flavor intensity, which could be nice for those who like flavor but not too much. Fun fact about Crescent: they mix their own special cocoa mix so others can’t replicate it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-guide to Lincoln’s hot chocolate. Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

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