Incorporating Green into Diet

Originally posted April 7, 2017.

Illustration: Uyen Chu

Author: Samantha Harkless

It is well known that getting yourself to eat healthy is a long process but it can be done. Most people do not want to know that they are actually eating greens because they fear this will change their fondness for fast food and sweets. You are allowed to love greens, there is no shame in that. Here is a proposition to guide your acceptance of your unknown love for healthy foods: sneak the green monsters into your diet in mysterious way just as your mom did for you when you were younger.

An incredibly simple way to incorporate green into any diet is through the use of books. Through social media and suggestions made by roommates I have happily been introduced to two books in particular, Simple Green Smoothiesand the Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook. These publications are a good foundation to start adding those hearty vegetables into a meal.

If you are the kind of person who would rather drink your vegetables than eat them, focus on the Simple Green Smoothie book by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner. These ladies focus on ways to make your body feel great through adopting a green lifestyle. They want to make sure you are filling your body with the good stuff in order to embrace the greens’ powers in helping you feel more alert and empowered. Their definition of a green smoothie includes three things: fruit, liquid and leafy greens. The book guides you through easy recipes for killer smoothies incorporating fruits and vegetables such as avocado, kale, spinach, broccoli, celery, collard greens, turnip greens, grapes, apples, romaine and lettuce. With a 10-day kick start, it will be incredibly challenging to not finish drinking the smoothies because they are just that good! It is important to note that there are multiple benefits to drinking greens including but not limited to increased energy, glowing skin, more focus, a happy immune system and weight loss!

If smoothies are not your thing, try looking into Ziggy Marley’s cookbook. It is separated into sections of day such as rise, all day, midday evening and sweet that all include heavenly recipes to try. Inspired by Jamaican and Rastafarian food culture, these recipes rarely use ordinary ingredients but Marley is able to delectably incorporate vegetables into all his dishes. Specifically, one of his morning recipes is an egg sandwich that includes avocado spread. Avocado pairs great with spinach. A green fruit and a green vegetable can be paired together on a breakfast sandwich while also exciting the taste buds. Avocado spread on toast is one of the simplest ways to incorporate a green into every morning.

Life is busy and getting the nutrients out of good foods can be hard. Even if the change in diet is gradual, just start winging it! You kale do this!

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