Lincoln Closets: Maddi McFarland

Maddi McFarland is a junior fashion design major with a minor in art history originally from North Platte, Nebraska. Maddi’s style is made up from various aesthetics, cultures and eras. She seeks other people’s discarded clothing and vintage pieces to make up her wardrobe.

She says that she’s been through many fashion transitions in her life, just like most of us have. She’s in the process of yet another transition.

“Now I’m trying to refine my style into something that’s a little bit more mature,” McFarland said. “Something that I can take to the streets and be like, ‘Hey, take me seriously. I’m not a kid anymore,’”

In order to save money and stay original, McFarland makes her own trends by combining pieces that she finds in thrift stores and mixing them with newer garments. She said it’s nice to take part in trends sometimes, but they tend to fade away.

“It’s like a little, mini celebration for a season, but then it’s a waste of money,” she said.

When McFarland shops for newer items, she gravitates towards basics. A range of solids is great for any wardrobe. McFarland is an all-around sale shopper. She mainly shops online, but when she does shop at the mall she said she tries not to buy anything from a store unless it’s marked at least 50 percent off.

“Groceries are more important than clothes,” McFarland said.

McFarland will splurge on an item rarely, but often times makes her own modifications. This is where her design skills come in handy. McFarland said that she can make any modifications to a garment to better suit her needs, like hemming a dress to make it shorter or adding distressed holes for decoration. She said that she will also take inspiration from what she’s seen online or what other people wear in different cities to modify clothing.

Her favorite outfit is an ivory-colored romper from an online store called UNIF.

“You just slip it on and go,” McFarland said. “I can pair it with anything and it’s always cheeky and cute.”

Although, most college students are unable to afford luxurious designer brands, McFarland sees the true value in those purchases.

“When you spend that extra money on designer clothing, it’s for all the hard work that they’ve done putting their name and style into a brand,” McFarland said.

McFarland said although she likes designer clothing much more than fast fashion, she can only afford so much.

Some of her favorite online stores to shop at, since she does most of her shopping online, are

Dolls Kill, For Love and Lemons and UNIF, among others.

As for makeup, McFarland likes to keep it simple and quick in her daily routine. She said that her everyday go-to eyeshadow palette is the BH galaxy chic palette. She is a big fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil. She said she always prefers drugstore mascara over designer mascara.

“I love spidery lashes,” McFarland said. “But if you’re going all out, you have to have fake lashes.”

McFarland encourages everyone to wear what they like and not focus on what everyone else is wearing.

“If you wear what you like and you wear it with confidence, no one is going to question that,” McFarland said. “You could be the most ridiculous person, but people will respect you if you take pride in what you do and what you look like.”

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