Local Spotlight: Down the Rabbit Hole Bakery

Author: Samantha Harkless

Take one-step at a time down into the Rabbit Hole where you will get lost in an Alice in Wonderland themed Bakery.

Celebrating three months open, The Rabbit Hole has taken many steps in order to become one of Lincoln’s newest and greatest restaurant concepts: Late Night Desserts.

The idea stemmed from a current trend that is currently catching on in big cities: pairing elegant liquors with quality desserts.

“We wanted to put a spin on cocktails with dessert” said Beau Ballard, the 22-year-old co-owner from Ramend, Nebraska.

This bakery established its roots in an underground location on the corner of Q St and N 8th St, right across the street from some of Lincoln’s favorite boutiques: Forever Faithful and 3 Daughters Boutique, a prime location in attracting the many crowds that gather in the Haymarket. The Rabbit Hole has taken what the Haymarket is known for, bringing the “freshest and most unique flavors” to residents, students, and visitors to the downtown Lincoln area, and focus it into their business plan.

What makes the bakery so interesting, at first glance, is their clever use of their location as a branding tool.

“The theme came along with the location,” Beau said, “We wanted to market this lower level concept in a creative way. When we decided to sell loose leaf teas and pastries, we thought what better than Alice in Wonderland tea time?”

They have done a great job incorporating the Alice in Wonderland elements through the color scheme, book collection, unique teapots, the twisted wall of clocks, and by their giant painted mural of a silhouette of a Alice reading under a tree. Originally, the plan was not to have such a big space but the owners knew they would be adding a bar in the future so, they felt it was the right choice to expand the space to provide a more casual area for people to hang out and enjoy. They even have a bookshelf full of games to play. Beau made sure to mention that their vision is still coming together, step by step.

The reason this Bakery has been so successful thus far is due to the partnership of Beau Ballard and Amanda Fuchser. The two went to highschool together with only a couple of years separating them.They realized opening a bakery could be an amazing start to their careers. What makes this partnership work is that Beau runs the business side while Amanda, with her culinary degree, makes the delicious pastries.

In an effort to attract an array of taste buds the bakery has decided on a plan to always serve a breakfast pastry, cake by the slice, and a gluten free option. Options rotate everyday around these three main categories. They also serve a house blend coffee and multiple flavors of loose leaf teas. They also sell random nick-knacks such as oils, glasses, tea sets, and greeting cards.

I have tried an array of desserts, but here are some suggestions that I and other Lincoln residents have loved:

  • Apple spice cake slice
  • White chocolate brownie
  • White chocolate cranberry brownie
  • Carrot cake
  • Lemon cake
  • White cake ball
  • Cinnamon roll
  • Peppermint cheesecake
  • Avocado brownie.

Every dessert has exceeded expectations. Sometimes the best part of the cake slices is the icing because it has been perfectly paired to compliment the flavors and texture of the cake. What’s even better is that the slices are so big that they are great to share with friends, family and roommates.

Due to the popularity of the story and movies, every age group can enjoy the Alice in Wonderland theme while they munch on delicious goodies in a rabbit hole setting. If you are looking for custom cakes this is a great place to contact. In order to see what they will be serving for the day or just to see their latest creations, make sure to check out their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRabbitHoleBakery/.

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