Local Spotlight: High Vibe Cafe

Posted: November 15th 2016

Author: Autumn Dern

Photographer: Sara Tremayne

High Vibe Cafe recently came to Lincoln, NE in January of 2016. High Vibe has everything from green juice to fair-trade coffee to acai bowls such as the infamous Husker Bowl. This vegan and vegetarian specialty cafe is located near the corner of 13th Street and O Street. I went to try a few of their most popular items on the menu and here is what I found:

Acai Bowl (with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Goji Berries)

An acai bowl at High Vibe Cafe costs $7 and is worth every penny. The acai bowl comes with three toppings of your choice. Some of these toppings include, but are not limited to, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, granola, and goji berries. The bowls are very large and can easily fill you up. The actual base of the bowl is delicious and has a very distinct banana taste with the acai berry accenting the sweetness of the banana. These bowls are not only super Instagrammable, but are also absolutely delicious. I highly recommend getting an acai bowl when going to the High Vibe Cafe.

Electric Green Juice

This juice surprised me for many reasons. First, the serving size was fairly large which made it worth the $7. Second, this juice was not incredibly sweet. The sweetness was natural due to the sweet nature of Granny Smith apples and oranges. The ingredients have rewarding health properties like the cleansing benefits of cucumber and the antioxidants in kale that are good for you skin. Third, there was absolutely no weird or funky aftertaste. I’ve tried many green juices and cold-pressed juices that have a strange aftertaste that make them highly unappealing. However, High Vibe Cafe’s Electric Green Juice is surprisingly refreshing and made my body feel cleansed and clean. If you want to treat yourself, grab yourself a green juice from High Vibe Cafe.

Apple Crack

The sole reason for ordering this was the interesting name, but I don’t regret purchasing this at all. Apple Crack is a fruit dip made in house with coconut oil, almond butter, and maple syrup and is perfect to pair with green or red apples. This dip is heavenly and the combination of the almond butter and the maple syrup is unbelievable. The employees at High Vibe make the Apple Crack in house every day and the freshness is what makes this dip next level. This fruit dip is multidimensional and could go on toast if you have any left over. But, if you go to High Vibe Cafe, Apple Crack is an amazing product that will please any palate.

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