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Local Spotlight: The Warm Cookie
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Local Spotlight: The Warm Cookie
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Local Spotlight: The Warm Cookie
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Local Spotlight: The Warm Cookie
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Source: Snoopy - Happiness is a warm cookie

Author: Janie Barber

Nothing beats a home-baked cookie, gooey and hot and fresh out of the oven. A good bakery, if you time it right, will have fresh cookies they had made just that morning…but something gets lost when cookies aren’t piping hot and ready to melt in your mouth.


This is where The Warm Cookie comes into play. Owned and operated by Tricia Ward and her husband Jeff, The Warm Cookie delivers warm cookies anywhere in Lincoln. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, people. After previously owning a catering business, Tricia and her husband decided to create a way for everyone in the Lincoln area to be able to enjoy warm cookies with just a phone call.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff and get the details.


CC: “Take me back to the beginning. What idea started The Warm Cookie?”


J: “We used to own a catering company, down in the Manse Building, and I also had a home-cleaning business. One day she just had the idea to be able to deliver cookies that were still warm when you got them.”


“We started with making 5 dozen cookies, and before we knew it, I was retired and making cookies full-time…a 70-hour week making cookies and we could barely keep up. It’s been amazing.”


“We started with making 5 dozen cookies, and before we knew it, I was retired and making cookies full-time.”


CC: “I remember the first time I had a Warm Cookie was at the chocolate convention at Pinnacle Bank.”


J: “Oh yes, well before The Warm Cookie became The Warm Cookie, we ran it for a while as part of our catering service, and previous to that we did it for the State Troopers Association and so we’ve been doing chocolate way before the cookie thing.”


CC: “So why cookies specifically?”


J: “Well, what started this whole idea was my older daughter worked at a marketing agency in Dallas and her office always had warm cookies delivered and she’d always say, ‘You guys need to do this for Lincoln.’”


CC: “Are all of the recipes your recipes? How many are there?”


J: “Yes, they’re all ours and there are six flavors. We plan to add three or four more here soon.”


Warm Cookie Flavors:


Chocolate Chip

Oatmeal Raisin

Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip


Butterscotch, Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter



CC: “Where do you find yourself delivering the most cookies to?”


J: “It’s definitely a mix, but I would say about 85% of our deliveries go out to businesses. Depending on the time of year, we get a lot of parents who want to deliver cookies to their kids in college for finals week.”


CC: “This is a family-owned and run business, so who makes up the Ward family?”


J: “Well we have two daughters, my daughter who worked in Dallas actually works here now – she does all of our marketing. She runs our social media, we paid once for a sign out front but other than that our business is so much of repeating customers and word of mouth.”


“I’ve been eating these cookies for two and a half years, I’ll have a cookie every day. For quality control, of course.”


CC: “What’s your best-seller?”


J: “We sell tons of chocolate chip, but delivery-wise our mixed assorted flavors box sells the best.”


CC: “It sounds like you guys are quickly growing.”


J: “Yep, we’re having to buy more equipment, we actually moved to our location we have now because we needed the space. You know, people try to go in fast, but this is our third business so we know it’s a baby-step process.”


CC: “You had three businesses what was the third after the catering business and your wife’s cleaning service?”


J: “We actually opened up a restaurant 53 years ago in Northeast Lincoln, called the Engine House Cafe, and it’s still there, I had been working as a State Trooper at night. I dealt with some heavy stuff in that line of work, so this is definitely a happier business.”


CC: “You’ve said you’re in the back baking all day, is it to the point where you can just eyeball the ingredient amounts?”


J: “We actually measure to the gram! Consistency is key. The difference between a perfect warm cookie and a bad cookie could be one chocolate chip.”


“What’s great about the Warm Cookie is that shipping is free so everything is just the flat rate.”


CC: “We all want to know, what keeps the cookies warm?”


J: “I can’t tell you that *laughing*, my wife calls is ‘cookie pixie dust.’”


CC: “I get the need for secrecy! My last question for you is what do you want people to think or feel when they hear The Warm Cookie?”


J: “I think our cookies have the power bring back memories, and happy feelings. Typically when you eat them at home when your grandma makes them, maybe you’ll get one cookie that’s warm before the rest being to cool off. I’m not just saying this because we own the business, our cookies are delicious, and we want people to experience that feeling that comes from eating that warm cookie with all of our cookies.”


The Warm Cookie delivers anywhere in Lincoln, you can order online at www.thewarmcookie.com, or stop by their store at 3700 S 9th St, Suite A – Lincoln, NE  68502​.

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