The Masterpiece’s Frame

Author: Kim Chungong For about fifteen years I’ve used relaxer on my hair. For those…

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From This Season to the next, I look forward to Collective Culture.

“This Season” began its revival journey a little over a year ago, when a colleague of mine, Taylor Jordan, approached me with the idea of starting a student lead fashion magazine. We saw there was a need for more fashion journalism opportunities and sought to fill the gap. WE knew we needed our own platform. I honestly never would have guessed what would come out of that single conversation. We’ve come a very long way since then.

We set to work gathering our team leaders. Back then, all we had was photography, writing and web layout to worry about. A team of under ten people. After a summer of emailing and planning, we came back together in September, our new members assembled and ready to work. By October, we launched our first online edition of This Season. Throughout the semester we grew, expanding into social media and graphic design departments. We picked up more members and doubled in size, with almost 16 of us by November. When we came back together after winter break in January, we had almost 30 members. And they’ve all done fantastic work.

I could not be more proud of my team and their staff, and everyone who’s joined us, even momentarily, along the way. I look optimistically to the future, as we shake off This Season and step into Collective Culture.

The staff of Collective Culture are delighted to share with you our progress, as we move forward into a new era. Collective Culture will remain, as “This Season” was, an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and grow in their passion of fashion and journalism. We will be the steady platform for those students to stand upon and hopefully propel themselves forward.

I want to thank you for supporting what began as This Season, and for your continued support into Collective Culture. I am very excited for what the future may bring and I sincerely hope you enjoy this special print edition.


Editor in Chief,
Maura Gillan


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