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Illustration: Marissa Jackson

Author: Adriana Fernandez

Let’s take the saying, “Netflix and chill” literally. There’s no harm in turning on Netflix and just chilling–in an exact definition. This Valentine’s Day you don’t need to getaway to a fancy restaurant, island paradise or famous romantic landmark with your significant other. There’s nothing wrong with that if so. Even if you are planning on doing those activities for this Valentine’s Day, Netflix is always a good pass time for any occasion.

Hold up, an hour has gone by already trying to find that perfect movie? Since the majority of the population already has Netflix, the time wasted trying to find a movie everyone in the room hasn’t watched already is hard. If you’re either searching a movie to watch with bae or with your chicas, no worries, I saved you the time.

During my leisure time, I personally love to find hidden gems on Netflix. This past year I have watched tons and for this Val’s Day or “Gal’s Day” (yes single ladies out there, I’m not forgetting about you) I have made a list of what movies I think everyone would enjoy. Here are some brief suggestions if you want to a gist on what each movie is about before watching it on Netflix:

For you and your boo:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) starring Audrey Hepburn (TRAILER)

This two-time Oscar winning film is about an outgoing Midwestern woman named Holly trying to find her way in life in New York. Paul, her new neighbor, and her get to know each other more while running into Holly’s past. Apart from it being my all-time favorite movie, this is a movie I picture a couple could enjoy watching.

Blind Date (2015) starring Mélanie Bernier (TRAILER)

A young pianist, Machine, has just moved into her new apartment not imagining her neighbor, Machin, could hear everything through the thin wall that divides their apartments. They try to work things out while not noticing they were growing feelings for each other–without meeting face to face. Plus it’s in French! Oui! (No worries, there are English subtitles).

One Day (2011) starring Anne Hathaway (TRAILER)

Emma and Dexter have been best friends since they graduated university. They make a promise to meet every year on the day they first met to catch up. Even though there are ups and downs in their own individual lives, they remain with their promise. This romantic movie shows the two gender perspectives in a relationship—so both you and your partner could relate together!

Love, Rosie (2014) starring Lilly Collins (TRAILER)

Spinning off from plotline of One Day, this is kind of the same story. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since they were in diapers and throughout time, they realize they could have deeper feelings for each other. It’s a good laugh (like the British people in the movie say) and it’s perfect for cuddling and hot chocolate.

For you and your besties:

The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (2004) starring Julie Andrews (TRAILER)

Oh the nostalgia, girls! Get that wine! Before Anne Hathaway made it big–she was a princess. Princess Mia Thermopolis is now on her way to being the queen of Genovia (Genovia, geniovaaa). The only problem is she needs to be wed. Maybe you and your girlfriends have already seen this film, but hey, you have to say it’s a classic!

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015) starring Victoria Justice (TRAILER)

Living in the same apartment complex since they were born, Naomi and Ely are neighbors and best friends. Apart from their different chic and aesthetically pleasing wardrobes, their lives were in sync. They have a no kiss list so they can never jeopardize their friendship over a boy. Everyone loves an inseparable friendship—such a good movie!

Chalet Girl (2011) starring Ed Westwick (TRAILER)

OMG it’s Chuck Bass! I know, this is not just why I added this movie onto the list. Apart from Ed Westwick’s charm, I recommend this movie because it empowers girl power. Kim, an expert and now ex snowboarder, finds herself needing for a job. She lands a position at a Ski Club in Austria to work for an elite family. She is then caught up with snowboarding again, a potential love interest and more.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging (2008) starring Georgia Groome (TRAILER)

You might look at the movie poster and think this a kid’s/teen’s only movie. You are wrong my friend. The witty and innocent romance in this film is to die for. British movies are known to be hilarious and unique. Georgia finds herself drooling over Robbie, the new guy in school, and sets up a perfect plan to date him. With the help of her friends and family, she learns more about how to enjoy in the moment and not plan out everything in life.


This year’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taken or not. Come on–it’s 2017 for crying out loud! So just put on your coziest outfit you have in your closet, get your favorite blanket and sit down with your loved ones. Start surfing Netflix to find the perfect movie to enjoy on this worldwide holiday.

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