Scary Movies – Staff Picks

The good people of Collective Culture have come together across departments to bring you their favorite scary movies, in hopes that you might find something new and exciting to watch. Enjoy!



Besta Apiyanka, Production – WRONG TURN:

A group of five youths become prey to a family of cannibalistic mountain men.





Carlos Velasco, Graphic Design – THE EXORCIST:

This timeless classic about a girl who becomes possessed by a demon is still haunting to watch and truly an icon that revolutionized horror films to come.




Autumn Dern, Columnist – DEVIL:

Five strangers get stuck in an elevator in a grand-scale business building in Philly, but what happens next will haunt you forever, and you’ll want to avoid elevator rides for the next few weeks.





Mary Hope Mulcahy, Public Relations – THE FOURTH KIND:

A single parent hears voices in her house, which are aliens about to abduct her daughter.

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