Silver Hair Care

Originally posted November 22, 2016.

Author: Catherine Brackett

Silver hair seems to have grabbed the attention of most college students the trend doesn’t seem to going away anytime soon. I’m a firm believer–I can’t even remember what I looked like without silver hair. If you’ve contemplated taking the leap for a while, but haven’t been sure about how to accomplish it, I’m here to answer all of your questions. From going silver to maintaining it, here is a compilation of tips, tricks and what works best.

How long will it take?

It ultimately comes down to your natural hair color and hair type. I have naturally dark brown hair. My hair is silky smooth and very oily. I wasn’t exactly sure how my hair would handle getting bleached and toned, but I just decided to go for it. Truth be told, my hair didn’t really change very much–besides in color. The bleaching process gave my hair more texture and body, which I love! I did bleach my hair three times and went from brown to silver in a matter of two days.
However, many salon specialists recommend slowly going silver especially if you have darker hair, so that your hair doesn’t get as damaged. If you have coarse, dry hair be sure to take the bleaching process slow and use hair treatments often in between bleaching. Once you achieve a white-blonde color, you’re ready to tone to silver (or grey).

What’s the difference between toner and dye?

There isn’t a drastic difference between toning and dying your hair grey, other than one is better than the other for this specific hair color. The toning process gives a more permanent color than dying. Toning helps to take the brassiness, or yellow-ness, out of your hair and make it that white/silver color.
Dying just lays color on top of your hair and doesn’t stick as well. Grey dye will usually wash out within two to four days.
Toner usually lasts around six weeks, although I’ve around eight weeks without re-toning. Note that you have to take care of your hair color between salon visits in order to keep your color longer.

Okay, so what do I use to keep up my color?

There are many products out there meant for keeping up silver and white hair! Some of the best products are geared towards older women who have already begun greying.
You’ll want to invest in some purple shampoo. This is basically shampoo that contains toner to help take the brassiness out of silver hair. After you tone, you’ll notice that your hair may start yellowing after a week or so. This is why purple shampoo is important. Here are some favorites:
Viral came out with a new line of shampoo that contains dye. They have a grey color that works really well and the dye lasts about a week.

Bleaching sounds like it’s going to damage my hair a lot, how can I take care of it?

Keratin treatments are a God-sent. These treatments help replenish the protein that bleach hair lacks, this in turn makes your hair stronger. Prep your hair before hitting the salon for a treatment with a clarifying shampoo, which also helps keep your hair color!
You can also buy keratin hair masks so you can do them at home in between salon treatments!
There are also many other products that help make my hair feel like its normal self. I always keep a bottle of It’s a 10 handy. It does 10 things for your hair and is a leave in conditioner! Although, any leave in conditioner will do. I just spray it thoroughly in my hair after I get out of the shower and voila–slightly healthier hair.
Argan oil is definitely a must for bleached hair. It protects against heat and helps to replenish oils that dry hair lacks.
I also use heat protectant on my hair before I blow-dry, curl or straighten my hair. This helps to prevent breakage even further.
You may notice breakage in your hair after the bleaching and toning process. It’s because these two processes really break down your hair follicles and make the strands weaker. But taking the necessary steps to protect and strengthen your hair will help prevent breakage.


If you already have weak or damaged hair, make sure you consult a hair stylist about your concerns with the health of your hair before and after going through this process.

If you already have dyed your hair a color in the past and that hair color has not completely grown out, your hair may turn orange or yellow instead of white when you bleach it. This in turn makes it harder for your hair to grasp the silver toner. Make sure you’re doing this process with your all-natural hair color.

I hope this helped some of you who may have been on the fence about going through with the process. If you decide to take the leap, tag This Season in your photos and tell us how it went–we’d love to see how great you look!

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