Staff Picks: Binge Worthy Shows

Author: Sora Wolff


As a college student, you get asked a lot of questions over your winter break. Whether it’s from nosy relatives asking you if you’re dating anyone yet, your hometown barista asking if you want an extra shot of espresso, or Netflix asking you if you’re still watching. The one obvious answer is for Netflix, of course I’m still watching. If you’re in need of new shows to binge this winter break, look no further, the Collective Culture staff has got you covered. Here are our staff picks for shows to watch over your holiday:


Mary Hope Mulcahy, Outreach Coordinator:

Gilmore Girls: Other than it’s the best show ever? Gilmore Girls is a cult classic. It follows the lives of Lorelai and Rory–a mother-daughter duo who love coffee, snappy pop culture references, and the town of Stars Hollow. Whether you watch the show for Rory’s boyfriends (#TeamJess), Lorelai’s roller coaster relationship with her parents, or for Cat Kirk, this is a show you want to binge ASAP.


Bailey Ehlers, photography staff:

Gossip Girl: Because it is the most fashionable drama show on Netflix. I watch to get all my style trends from the upper east side ladies!


Autumn Dern, contributing writer:

Suggestion one- Mind Hunter: Two FBI agents come together to form the FBI’s first behavioral science unit to study serial killers and horrendous murders across the country.

Suggestion two- Stranger Things: 100% worth the hype and if you don’t cry in the season 2 finale, you should probably check your pulse.


Besta Apiyankha, photography staff:

The Bold Type: Three girls working for Scarlet magazine as they try to find their own voice. While working together to publish each issue of the periodical, they struggle to find their own identities, manage friendships and find love.


Once you’ve finished those, other recommendations included:

  • Mad Men
  • Jane the Virgin
  • Chewing Gum
  • This Is Us
  • Master of None
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