Top Ten New Year’s Resolutions for 2018


Author: Maddie Hahn

It’s that time of year again where the new year is right around the corner and it’s time to be thinking of what your new year’s resolutions should be. It’s approaching quickly and you don’t want to regret being too late on having a new year’s resolution, even if it’s a little one. Here are our top ten that don’t involve unrealistic goals like cutting back carbs or something cliché like running a mile everyday.

1. Be more adventurous

Whether it be with friends on a road trip or as an individual wanting time to reflect on your year, traveling is a good way to see the world and open your mind up to new experiences.

2. Start a new hobby

Knitting? Photography? Pottery? Always wanted to try something new you’ve been setting aside for this long? This is the year to rekindle that thought and approach it with an open mind. Fill your time with something positive that sparks your interest.

3. Do something spontaneous

It’s 2018 and it’s your year to get that nose piercing or go skydiving; something that is out of your comfort zone. Develop your brand or start your own blog. Take those risks while your young even if it something little.

4. Get organized

Adjusting your attitude toward being organized and determining the cause of your clutter can help you keep a clean and tidy space around you.

5. Appreciate people

People are what make the world go around so it’s important for us to appreciate one another for who we are and the talents each one of us have. It’s also another way to get to know and meet new people because it’s all about who you know.

6. Get a big girl job

Whether you’re just starting college or just finishing college it’s important to be thinking about what you want to do with your life. Take that job that may not be perfect for you and get the experience to work toward the position you strive to have.

7. Take time for yourself

With busy schedules and people all around you all the time in college it’s important to take time for yourself. Whether it is through yoga, detoxing from social media, knowing your stressors, etc. it’s important that we check in on our mental health once in a while.

8. Love by listening

2017 has really challenged us as a culture and the only way to win this challenge is through listening. When we all come together for something we are passionate about and people really listen to each other, love happens. Love always wins.

9. Write more

Not every resolution has to be a big one. Journaling for 5 minutes every night, whether it be on your thoughts or your day, can help express your ideas and calm your mind.

10. Be more on time

Don’t be that person who is 20 minutes late to class this year. Just this once, set your alarm earlier or don’t straighten your hair before you leave. By setting small goals like this, over time you’ll feel accomplished for being more punctual.

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