Ugly Sweater DIY

Originally posted December 16, 2017.

Author: Maura Gillan

This past week it seems like all of my friends were attending ugly Christmas sweater parties. I for one, own no ugly Christmas sweaters, and therefore resolved to make my own. I bought most of my materials from Hobby Lobby, but everything can also be found at Joann’s, Michael’s or any craft store of your preference.

What You Will Need

  • One old sweater, bought from a thrift store
  • Green Felt
  • Red medium size Pom-poms
  • Tinsel or novelty metallic ribbon
  • Mini ornaments
  • Mini red bows
  • Hot-glue or fabric glue

How You Make It

  1. Fold the green felt sheet in half vertically and cut triangles to form branches of the pine tree. Be sure to cut various sizes of triangles as you will be using these for the neckline as well.
  2. Arrange triangles around the neckband to map out how you’d like to glue them. In my case I put the biggest triangles on the outside and worked my way in. Hot glue or fabric glue them down.
  3. Separately from the sweater, arrange mini ornaments and bows on the felt tree. I recommend you use hot glue for this portion.
  4. Back on the sweater, measure out the circumference of one sleeve.  Add an inch for error and cut two strips of tinsel. Repeat this process for the neckline. Glue strips into place about an inch above the edges of the material.
  5. Along the outside edges of your sleeves, place 6 (or however many you please) equally spaced red pom-poms. Once you’ve determined their spacing, glue them into place. I recommend you find backing to put in the sleeve as you glue so as to prevent the adhesive from seeping through to the other side.
  6. Finally, position your tree in the center of the sweater, or wherever you please, and glue it into place. Again I recommend you use backing. Now you’re ready for your next ugly sweater party!
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