Young The Giant V-Day Concert

Author: Samantha Harkless


February 14th: A day reserved for a weighty four-letter word. This word does not only have to be shared with family, friends or partners. Love can be spread and accepted through music. Falling in love with the noise blasting through your headphones is poetic. The feeling can almost induce a musical coma that will leave you paralyzed for young lust.

The Home of the Strange Tour for Young the Giant was hosted at the Bourbon Theatre where the audience swooned over songs off their newest album. Home of the Strange embodies the hard work of self and worldly exploration. These self-truths exposed the members of this band to laborious and vulnerable love that was expressed through travels and recordings on the road. What a fitting and romantic accident it was that I was able to witness such an incredible performance on the Queen of all days for love. The Bourbon Theatre has seen their fair share of concerts but this one squeezed every ounce of energy from my body that left an impression that was hard to shake. I have the lead vocalist, Sameer Gadhia, to thank for this.

As soon as the band took the stage the whole room was charged and ready to participate in the evening of commercialized love. Each song was played with passion and painless precision. They knew exactly what they were brought there to do and it showed through their actions. Sameer’s movement throughout the whole set helped create a relationship with the crowd that let him ultimately take control of it. Young the Giant takes the win for sounding better live than through my musically enhanced headphones. Not only did they sound better but their emotions were visually inspiring. During each song Sameer found the right moment to gaze at the ceiling as if something magical was going to appear within it. You could not help but wonder what it was he was seeing in those exact moments.

Each member exclusively showed his personal style. Sameer, sported an orangey red jumpsuit with a logo of the New Jasper Township Fire Department on the center of his back. The jumpsuit allowed the right type and kind of movement that you would hope to see from a performer. The amount of times his hair fell out of place and needed a fierce slick back was wonderfully distracting. Towards the end of the show he added a gold sparkly jacket to his wardrobe that could not be missed. Kudos to him for keeping his energy level stable enough to keep the crowd wildly entertained and engaged the whole duration of the concert.

I have to mention that the band did unfortunately remind me for a split second that I was single in a venue full of love sick humans but luckily for me the music easily filled the void this holiday left me. The night ended up ending with the song I had been singing nonstop in my apartment before leaving for the show. As a familiar favorite it was not unpredictable that they would close the show with it. As the finale ended, they exited the stage with poise and strong interaction. They threw ample amounts of memorabilia that the crowd could hold onto for years to come.

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